Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Images of the "Aircraft Carrier" - a 1966 Peter Pirsch Aerial 1 HC Tractor (top photo) converted into a heavy rescue, Rescue 1, with a tiller (middle and bottom photos). During the 1970s, the aerial operated as Truck 6. Photo courtesy of the Office of the Fire Chief, Springfield Fire-Rescue Division. The unit was retired in the 1990s.

Monday, March 26, 2012


"Original" call signs for Clark County fire stations, courtesy of Brian Halk of Bethel Township Fire Department:

51- Bethel Township (Medway/ Crystal Lakes station)
52- New Carlisle
53- Pike Township/ North Hampton
54- Bethel Township (Donnelsville station)
55- Enon/ Mad River Township fire (Combined with squad to become current station 50)
56- Springfield Township (Rockway station)
57- German Township (Tremont City station)
58- Springfield Township (Beatty station)
59- Husted
61- Christiansburg (Once part of Clark County fire association, number no longer used)
62- Ambulance operated by funeral home in South Charleston
64- 178th Fighter Group, Ohio Air National Guard
71- Miami Township/ Clifton (Once part of association; number transferred to Madison Township EMS, but eventually dropped when EMS combined with fire department)
72- Springfield Township (Garden Acres or "East Side" station)
73- Pitchin
74- Moorefield Township
75- Catawba/ Pleasant Township
76- Harmony Township/ South Vienna
77- Madison Township/ South Charleston
78- German Township (Lawrenceville station)
79- Enon EMS (Combined with Enon fire as current station 50)
95-"Rescue 95" (Husted EMS; eventually combined with fire as part of station 59)

Sunday, March 11, 2012


List of radio signals used by Springfield Fire Division in 1970s:

FCC Call Sign: KQD-688

Signal 1 - Telephone at once
Signal 2 - Telephone ASAP
Signal 3 - Working fire
Signal 4 - Single company can handle
Signal 4A - False alarm
Signal 5 - Lights and siren
Signal 6 - No apparent fire
Signal 7 - Stand by
Signal 8 - Returning out of service
Signal 9 - Returning in service
Signal 9A - Returning for gas/air
Signal 9B - In service on scene
Signal 10 - Radio silence
Signal 11 - Police requested
Signal 13 - Coroner requested
Signal 14 - Community Hospital
Signal 15 - Mercy Medical Center
Signal 16 - Subject armed/dangerous
Signal 17 - Out at scene
Signal 18 - Return to quarters
Signal 19 - Out of car
Signal 20 - Firefighter injured

UPDATE: Additional signals from Fire Journal readers:
Signal 3A - Working fire can be handled with current assignment. Engine 1 (attack pumper) not required
Signal 22 - Transmit second alarm
Signal 25 - Check fire station stove
Signal 27 - Request Box 27 Associates