Saturday, August 20, 2016


Lagonda House

Springfield, Ohio

  • Good and Reese Greenhouse fire (S. Limestone) - April 14, 1890
  • Charles Kelly Block on Main Street, spread to adjacent structures, including Derrickson's cigar store - Aug. 29, 1891 [San Francisco call]
  • Winter’s Act Litho fire (W. High St) - March 15, 1892
  • Arcade Hotel fire (Fountain and High) - Feb. 19, 1894. General alarm. Started in the basement ``Kindling Room,'' where coal and other fuels were stored. Flames ascended elevator shaft.  Hotel staff escaped from windows and over roof.   [Springfield Weekly Republic]
  • Fire destroyed New Carlisle city building, along with police and fire headquarters;  started at Charles Gardner's livery by "drunken people"; Staley Hotel also burned; Springfield sent mutual aid  - May 5, 1985. [San Francisco Call]
  • Lagonda House fire (Limestone and  Main streets) - Oct. 29, 1895. Box 12, general alarm. Broke out at midnight in vicinity of kitchen and laundry. Spread rapidly. Dayton Fire Dept. sent reinforcements by train. Hotel destroyed, roof collapsed. [Springfield Republic-Times, New Yorrk Times] 
  • Arcade Building fire (Fountain and High) - April 3, 1896
  • Firefighter Michael J Haley died in line of duty - Aug. 25, 1897. Suffered "sudden death"; no details. [Springfield Republic]