Fire Buffs promote the general welfare of the fire and rescue service and protect its heritage and history. Famous Fire Buffs through the years include New York Fire Surgeon Harry Archer, Boston Pops Conductor Arthur Fiedler, New York Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia and - legend has it - President George Washington.

Ready to roll from Springfield Fire Headquarters on North Fountain Avenue

Monday, August 25, 2008


On June 3, 1946, firefighters scrambled when a propeller broke loose from an Army Air Force B-29 bomber 30,000 feet over Springfield and showered debris on the city. According to newspaper accounts, the B-29 - which had just set a speed record - was on approach to Wright Field near Dayton when the right outboard propeller broke loose. After striking the aircraft, the propeller plunged into a field on Leffel Lane. Another part buried itself in a yard at 335 West Euclid Avenue. A piece of aluminum casing struck the porch of a house at 315 Highview Avenue. Part of cylinder landed in a yard on Magnolia Boulevard. No one was injured on the ground and the aircraft landed safely.